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What is the range of my missiles?

Asked by [ Moderator ]

The info window doesn't show range, how can I calculate it myself?

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yuripup [ Editor ]

Max range for your missiles is as follows:

Max Range = (Missile Velocity * (1 + (Missile Projection * 0.1))) * (Flight Time * (1 + (Missile Bombardment * 0.1)))

Which looks way more complicated than it is.

Missile projection adds 10% to missiles max velocity per skill level.

Missile Bombardment adds 10% to missiles flight time per skill level.

Some examples all firing standard light missiles (4.5 second flight time, 3,750 m/s velocity base):

A pilot with no skill in either Missile bombardment or Missile Projection

(4.5s * 1)(3,750m/s * 1) = 16,875m or 16 Km

A pilot with Missile Bombardment 3 and Missile Projection 2

(4.5s * 1.3) * (3,750 m/s * 1.2) = 5.85s * 4,500 = 26,325 m or 26 Km.

A pilot with Missile Bombardment 0 and Missile Projection 5

(4.5s * 1)(3,750 m/s * 1.5) = 4.5s * 5,625 m/s = 25,312.5 Km.

A pilot with maxed Bombardment and Projection has a whopping 37,968.75m range, or 37k.

Notice that a balanced approach to Bombardment and Projection leads to the longest ranges and shortest training time. Missile Projection is the better skill to train up first as a higher speed missile will be able to close on faster ships.

These are assuming 100% numbers you may want to use a value of 90-95% of maximum for real world combat.

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Either you check the range in Eve Fitting Tool (short EFT, google is your friend) or you calculate velocity times flight time. Take into account however that a missile is accelerating when being fired as well as not flying straight, so it does not reach it's theoretical max range. Rule of thumb is 90% of the theoretical max range is the real max range that you hit stuff at.

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rook ares [ Moderator ]

Multiply the velocity by the fly time, then realize that range is only for standing targets. Anything that is moving will require the missile to change course to compensate. So in reality the missile range is less than that. How much less requires knowing how fast the target is moving relative to your ship. Also important is the direction, the target could be flying straight INTO your missiles rather than away from them. As a rough estimate i use the following:

ACTUAL Range = (MaxFlightTime * MaxVelocity) -5%).

Example: My missiles have a MaxRange of 76 KM according to the max range formula unmodified - ACTUAL range is 69 KM on a moving target (as in, anything longer than that is a miss).

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agile nakajima

EFT will give you the theoretical maximum range, and as has been said EFT is your friend. The tactical overlay will also show you the theoretical maximum range of your missiles. (it's one of the buttons next to your circle menu thingummy)

Remember that these ranges would be against a theoretical stationary target, and if a target is at your max range and heading away from you the missile will run out of juice before it hits.

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