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What makes the Tribal Liberation Force special?

Asked by [ Editor ]

I have standing of over 9 to the Minmatar Republic which has always made all non-R&D agents of Minmatar npc corporations available to me.

However, I just noticed that NONE of the agents for Tribal Liberation Force are available to me, even the level 1 quality -1 agent Yuss Brigth.

Anyone know why that is please?

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camon bear [ Editor ]

The TLF is for Factional Warfare. If you or your Corp haven't signed up to FW then the agents of the TLF will be unavailable to you.

NN comments

the other factions have corps like this too i guess… right? what are the names of them?


For this example – Tribal Liberation Force you can see that their partner corp is Federal Defense Union (Gallente) and competitor is 24th Imperial Crusade (Amarr). You can search for other FW corps in (choose option to filter FW agents)

ecaf ersa

Ahhh…now I see…not got myself involved in FW yet but this makes sense…thanks very much!

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