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What part(s) of the UI *require* keyboard shortcuts?

Asked by [ Moderator ]

The Eve Online UI leaves a bit to be desired in some areas... e.g. the graphics and backgrounds are beautiful, but you cover up most of the beautiful bits with semi-opaque windows. All that effort wasted!!

Another minor failing of the UI is the ability to use the interface with a keyboard. Most of the time you need to use the mouse to select many functions, e.g. Warp to Zero. This option is used so often that it is (IMO) almost a crime to have the keyboard shortcut missing.

What other Eve Online options (that you need a mouse for) require keyboard shortcuts?

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ecaf ersa [ Editor ]

You ask the question a funny way round. Drones can be commanded with keyboard shortcuts, at least engage, return to bay and return to orbit can be. Press escape and go to the shortcuts tab for a list that you can assign to a key combination of your choosing.

Warp to zero is a bit of an anomaly as CCP never intended it to be possible - it is the power of the player at work here.

Originally it was only ever possible to warp to a minimum of 15kms whether manually selected or when using autopilot.

What happened was that some enterprising players spent their time creating bookmarks 15kms past the required object, mainly gates but also stations, so that they could warp to 15kms of the bookmark which would consequently drop them on top of, or near to, the gate. They then made copies of these bookmarks and sold them to other players.

As your bookmarks are stored on the server this was causing serious lag with some players who had hundreds and hundreds of them. In response to this problem CCP created warp to zero so the bookmarks could be removed freeing up the resources and bandwidth they were eating up.

But clearly they were not so happy about it as evidenced by the fact that the autopilot still warps to 15kms.

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count scary

I think that many keypress functions are not there for the simple fact of macro miners. If they made many of those things a keypress, then macro-ers would have an easier time doing these things.

ecaf ersa

That’s a good point Count! I always wondered why there were kb shortcuts for drone combat commands but not drone mining commands. You probably have the reason right there.


That is all good, but what I was trying to get across is that a commonly used feature of the game should be accessible through a keypress. “Dock”/“Jump” for currently selected object, maybe.

ecaf ersa

I agree DarinaS but CCP have been long lambasted for a poor UI and have done little in 5 years so you either live with it or move on to a different game unfortunately. For me the concepts and gameplay in EVE compensate for the poor UI and this is probably the problem – the user base continues to grow despite it so CCP probably feel it is a low priority.

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