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What's skills do I need to fly a hound including support skills?

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I'm looking to fly a hound as a stealth bomber what skills do I need to actually FLY this ship please give me a list that includes support skills.

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canhasgank [ Moderator ]

If you install EVEMon you can select the appropriate ship skills and mod prerequisite skills. You will find a link to EVEMon on the right hand side of this page under "Useful Software".

To answer your question here is an example of what I would consider acceptable skills for piloting a bomber properly (substitute the appropriate racial skills where necessary):


Minmatar Frigate V
  Spaceship Command I
Covert Ops IV
  Electronics Upgrades V
    Electronics II
    Engineering II


Cloaking IV
   Electronics IV


Torpedoes IV
  Missile Launcher Operation IV
  Heavy Missiles III
    Standard Missiles III

Bomb Launcher:

Bomb Deployment I
  Missile Bombardment IV

You should also add skills for other necessary mods; MWD, damps, target painters etc.

NN comments

I’d suggest adding probing skills to the list. It’s just about possible to crowbar both a bomb and probe launcher on a hound – alternatively you can fit torps and a probe launcher to give the ship a (vital!) role in a mixed gang.

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darinas [ Moderator ]

CanHasGank has the details, but another way to look at it is to check the Recommended tab in the show info screen for a Hound. You need the certificates Core Competency (Standard), Battleship Launcher Control (Standard), Cloak Operator (Standard) and Remote Demolitions (Standard) as a baseline for fitting and running a stealth bomber successfully. (Don't forget the actual skills to fly a minmatar covert ops ship! They are not included in the recommended certificate system.)

If you boost those certificates to the Elite level, then you can assume you have the best skills for flying a SB (although, bombing runs require fairly advanced knowledge of playing Eve Online.)

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