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What ship do you prefere to lvl 1-2 mission?

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What ship do you prefere to run lvl 1-2 missions and why? Do you think the Amarr destroyer Coercer is best for it? Or is it a frigate? Why do you think your ship is the best?

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todd ayumbhara [ Editor ]

For level 1s, anything will do (except maybe a BS or bigger), though destroyers are remarkably efficient. Just be sure not to over-group your turrets, as a 3-turret volley should be enough for just about anything you face.

In order of preference:

Amarr: Coercer/Punisher/Executioner

Gallente: Catalyst/Incursus/Tristan

Caldari: Cormorant/Kestrel/Merlin

Minmatar: Thrasher/Rifter/Slasher

Also, any Faction or T2 frig will do nicely (Except maybe Neut/Tackling/EWAR ships)

For level 2s, a decent Assault Frigate (if you have the skills) can chew through them like crazy. They have added mobility and tracking (small turrets) that can usually overcome the reduced damage. Destroyers may have trouble tanking some of the harder ones. Cruisers are also good, as they can easily tank the damage, although they may not be able to hit some fast-orbiting frigates. Train Drone skills if you have a dronebay, it will help immensely.

Amarr: Arbitrator/Vengeance/Omen/Maller

Gallente: Ishkur/Enyo/Vexor

Caldari: Caracal/Harpy/Moa

Minmatar: Rupture/Jaguar/Wolf/Stabber

Faction frigs may have some trouble. HACs and some Recons are also helpful.

Always fit to the strengths of your ship/race:

Amarr: Energy Turrets & Armor tank (Drones for the Arbitrator)

Gallente: Hybrid Turrets (Blasters), Drones, mostly Armor tank

Caldari: Missiles, Hybrid Turrets (Railguns), Shield tank

Minmatar: Projectile Turrets, some Missiles, mix of Shield and Armor tank

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I prefer a Catalyst or a Tristan. The Tristan has the speed that I need and the Catalyst has more than enough firepower to handle most of the level 1 or 2 missions that I run.

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For Level 1's I prefer the Incursus because it has a good balance between dps, speed, and tank. For Level 2's I like the vexor because you can have it easily tank level 2's while your drones do all the work. But if you can fly assault frigates then an Ishkur can easily do missions 1-3 and it can do 4's but not easily.

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Any destroyer should have no problem with level 1.

Preferable the thrasher/coercer.

Level 2 you'll need a cruiser, i.e. caracal, stabber, omen, or thorax

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gah'matar [ Moderator ]

Ishkur. Total easy mode on the L1. Five bonused rat-specific light drones and small rails for extra dps.

Ishtar / Vagabond. Basically like cheating for L2. But for standing grind (the only reason to do L2) they work well. Honourable mention for the Assault Missile Caracal. Slower on the cruisers but you kill the frigs as fast as you lock them. Also, the caracal is technically not "overkill".

In either case, the only reason to use those two is to finish the mission as fast as humanely possible.

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Caldari destroyer can burn through level 1 and 99% of level 2's with ease. Caracal is the best for the harder level 2's and a small portion of the level 3's

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For LvL 1 missons is a destroyer a useful ship. At lvl 2 you need a cruiser. The best mission ships using missels like the caracal (no tracking, good range - one missel, one hit).

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As much overkill as possible, but still efficient.

Artycane (if you can get it in level 1s), vagabond, sentry ishtar with 3-4 tracking enhancers etc. So you can alpha everything without having to move.

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duatha hannan [ Editor ]

At the beginning think about your future career. if you are going to fly missions a lot up to lvl4 (and beyond) what ship are you going to use? .... and you will fly missions a lot to make ISK!; at least for paying for other occupations. ;-)

for highsec missions (solo) the Golem is one of the best.(sure there are other good ones)

a very good road to missionheaven could be: Kestrel->Cormorant-> Caracal-> Drake (!) -> Raven -> Caldary Navy Raven -> Golem (skip one or two like wished)

I started with gallente (up to almost fully outskilled T2sentry-domi but now changed to Caldari just because of Golem) the gallente way could be: Incursus -> Catalyst-> VExor-> Myrmidon-> Dominix (only Rails and /or droens for Missions!) But thats it. Don´t use Gallente Marauders for Missions. Don´t use Navy Domi (to expensiv)

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maybe most ppl wont agree with me but this experience i learn this. after doing all tutos and epic arcs ull have some good standing maybe wont have to do lev 1 or in 1 or 3 days after epics ull be in lev 2. since u start the game lev for cruisers with learnings and for t2 defenses. in a cruiser even with t1 defenses ull do lev 2 in a flash.

never do lev 1 and always search ur agents for the higher lev and quality one and move there. if u follow this ull be in lev 3 in less a month.

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