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When do weapons fire in the module cycle?

Asked by [ Editor ]

When I click my turret does it fire immediately, somewhere in the middle or after the cycle is completed?

It's kind of hard to figure out. The fire animation starts a bit into the cycle (like a second), but then the animation can often be kind of unrelated to what actually happens in a mmo.

I'm wondering because if you got a Rate of Fire of 20 seconds and a 8000 volley and it fires immediately then you will have fired 2 shots and done 16000 possible damage in just a bit over 20 seconds. If on the other hand it fires at the end of the cycle then you will have done 8000 damage in 20 seconds. If it fires somewhere in the middle you will have done 16000 damage somewhere between 20-40 seconds.

If you got an answer please provide a reliable source (dev blogs etc) or experimental data.

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redmage [ Editor ]

It fires when the module is activated on the server. This is how it works:

  1. You click F1 F2 F3 to fire the guns you have loaded or stacked on the 1/2/3 slots.
  2. Your EveClient sends info to the server about your clicking. possible lag
  3. Server processes it. possible lag, super lag in giant fleet battles
  4. Server sends info back to your client that the mod is firing. potential lag
  5. Server processes DMG as per mod's ROF and sends msgs to the client on each damage strike.

So clicking on the button, you have 3 areas for lag. Sending, processing and receiving of the activation and subsequent damage notices.

So your ship doesnt fire when the mod is clicked, it fires when the server knows the mod was clicked. Accordingly, the mod doesn't start to cycle until it heres back from the server that it's cycling.

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werner lucifer

So you click the mod –> msg to srv –> srv msg comes back –> guns fire and cycle start –> srv send damage report?

lex starwalker

I think RedMage commented on the wrong thread.. :)


no. there is too much going on. it’s just max speed, mwd, and cloak. the trick is to decloak(when you hit max speed) instantly turn on mwd and covops cloak, so you are decloaked minamaly. you will still have a Dramiel flying twords your spot at 6km/s and 25 drones following it. Max Speed is also so you just move as you are aligned. MIN your decloak time. Targeting to fire guns will have your cloak off for far to long to avoid being targeted.


haha i did, and somehow got 3 upvotes? lol.

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