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When do you know you unlocked lvl 3, lvl 4 missions?

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How do you no when you unlocked higher lvl missions? because Ive been doing lvl 3s for awhile now and still haven't unlocked lvl 4s.

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kazz [ Editor ]

Go to your Character Sheet then Standings and then scroll down to "Corporations".

Click on the show info button for a Corp and click on the "agents" tab.

You will now have a list of all available and not yet available agents for that particular NPC corporation. I'm pretty sure it also tells you how much Corp standing you need to access each agent not yet available to you.

Couple other points - If you stick to working for one corporation this will obviously help you open up new agents quicker (rather than splitting your mission time for different corps) and also the jump between level 3 and 4 missions in difficulty is considerable - don't be in a huge rush to get to level 4s unless you have people to do it with/are confident you have the skills in place to do them :)

I think the Connections skill can help you boost up your npc corp standings a bit also.

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rui siyuan [ Editor ]

You need a personal standing of at least 5.05 before any of a corporation's lvl 4 agents can become available. At this point, the lowest quality agent will be available for missions - should the corporation have any. As the above post states, check the corp's agent tab for a list, ordered by level and quality. From here you can determine the corp's lowest quality level 4 agent and discover the standing you need to access them, in their info page.

Once your standing reaches 7.0, then any and all lvl 4 agents that work for the corp, from quality -19 to +20, will be yours to visit.

Connections is a great way to cut down the grind, giving you a chunk of extra standing immediately, and Social and Negotiation will much improve the standing increases that agents are rewarding. Similarly, using the same agent repeatedly, whilst potentially boring, also lifts their effective standing towards you, and thus the standing gain when completing missions.

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