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When is the best time to move to T3?

Asked by [ Editor ] , Edited by Silas Sanyasi [ Moderator ]

I'm sitting on 3 chars with all skills for t2 bs weapons and two good for t2 bs. I've moved out of null and am doing mostly L4 mission running and high-sec mining to bide my time while I see when my group wants to venture into 0.0 again. Two of my chars are able to fly T3, with all subsystem skills at 4 for their race (Amarr & Caldari). I don't have the funds to put together the ships now, so before I start amassing the 4-5b to do it, I'm trying to find out how much more worth it a pair of T3 cruisers are compared to a pair of T2 weaponized BS's.

I know the damage differences. I'm trying to find out the differences in play for L4/L5 missions, as well as solo and group 0.0 play. Any experiences would help.

Thanks and fly safe.

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serpentine logic [ Editor ]

T3s tank better because they're smaller and get hit less. They do less damage than a decent faction/T2 battleship though (and much easier to suicide gank)

They're more of a side-grade than an upgrade from a tech 1 battleship.

They are very useful for fleet boosting (no need for the arduous train for a command ship), poverty remote-rep support and do-it-all exploration fits, but if you can T2 fit a battleship (or battleships) then for level 4 mission running you're better off with the big guns like a Machariel.

From a null-sec point of view, they align much, much faster and the right T3 can cruise through a DED 10/10 complex where faction battleships get pounded. Still, the damage is decent but not awesome compared to, say, a Zealot with fighter support that is practically impossible to get caught by hostiles, and is cheap to replace anyway.

tldr; mach for L4s, carrier+anything for nullsec.

NN comments

And… Where can I find t3 battleship?


aye i want t3 bs as well….


Nightmare replaces machariel finely against em/therm weak rats. And you can run a pair of nightmares/machariels, or use second account for Noctis. Noctis will loot/salvage and may empower your ship with tracking links or eccm.

camon bear

I suspect he means tier 3 BS – Abaddon, Rokh, Hyperion and Maelstrom


Who? No one was talking about T3 BS or Tier 3 BS, it’s T2-equipped BS’s vs T3 cruisers. I read through a few times to see if I see it, I don’t see the discrepancy. Thanks Serp that’s going to be a hard answer to follow.


He ninja edited it. xD And it is certainly nice answer.

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