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Where do I look for a trustworthy third-party?

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Many deals in Eve require trust. Sometimes the game mechanics offer some of the trust, such as with loan contracts. However, if you want something to happen, and that something relies completely on someone else doing it, how do you make sure they will?

I have heard of trusted third-party people, such as Chribba. They are often mentioned in tandem with nullsec alliance deals (such as the recent Atlas Surrendering deal) or other times they are mentioned as holders for the prizes and funds in a lottery that someone else is handling (e.g. F90OEX is the trusted partner for ShipsOfEve)

Where do these trusted guys hang out? How can I verify that a trusted third party guy is actually trusted by more than just the guy who wants my ISK?

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You have to see their history to know if their trustworthy. Chribba's been around an awful long time, and has seen a lot of trades(infact i hired him for one of my mothership purchases). To contact them, send them an eve-mail with your request(and price request).

Remember though that eve can be evil - check their history, ask questions about them - and remember that 2 or 3 replies to their threads, could just be their alts.

Its always risky, and if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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Someone better tell Chribba to get an account and voice in on this answer!

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Yes I must agree with the above about considering Chribba for the task as he has done trades for people that were worth many many many Billions & would have to total many many Trillions if all added together.

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