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Where is a good place to buy implants?

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I am looking to upgrade my +3 implants to +4. Is there a particular system that has better prices for these? Should I try to buy them with LP's? Also, what about when I'm ready to get +5's?

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serker [ Editor ]

Big trade hubs, like Jita(especially Jita), are always a good place to buy anything, be it implants or something else. Also it may be good idea to check some popular mission running systems, like Motsu. Buying implants with LPs is more expensive than with money. You will save way more by buying profitable items from LP store, selling them and buying implants with isk. This is true even for Caldary Navy.

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lex starwalker

True, I’ve noticed the trade hubs are good because they have everything, but I’ve also noticed that items are oftentimes more expensive in the trade hubs than in other systems. I’m trying to see if someone has found an area where the implants are cheaper.


like the other 2 use trade hubs like jita or the other big ones

see in the log if the prices are going up or down and then buy when its best.

you can allso be lucky to find some in high sec long travel time away from any big trade hub which may be cheaper or more expensive

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melissa blick [ Editor ]

Place a buy order for +5 implants you want at a mission hub. Some mission runner who urgently needs isk (perhaps to buy plex) will eventually fulfill your order. You should be able to buy +5's for 110-120mil, perhaps even less. Be prepared to wait a few weeks.

Since you can buy learning implants from every LP store, you could optimize this further by selecting a corporation with where LP's are less valuable.

On a separate note, if you plan to take up pvp, you probably want to stick with +3 implants. Expect to get podded once or twice a month.

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That’s what clone jump is about ;) All the more reasons to buy +5’s so that you catch up “lost” training time.

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