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Which ships can lock the most targets?

Asked by [ Editor ]

Looking through the skills I have at level 3 I came across Multitasking, which at level 3 allows me to lock 10 targets.

I can't recall ever seeing a ship that will allow you to lock 10 targets let alone the 11 or 12 that level 4 or 5 of Multitasking would give me.

So which ships can lock the most targets?

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canhasgank [ Moderator ]

TL;DR: Logistics Ships, Marauders and Combat Recon Ships can lock the most targets.

The absolute max number of targets you can have locked is 12.

Your current amount of max locked targets is determined by two factors:

  • The level of your Targeting and Multitasking skills
  • The absolute max locked target limit on the ship itself

The base amount all players start with, is 2 targets. Each level of Targeting and Multitasking increases this by one (2+5+5=12).

The Logistics Ships, Marauders and Combat Recon Ships are the only ships in EVE that can lock 10 targets, and no other ship can lock more targets than these ships. The only way to hit 12 locked targets is by fitting an Auto Targeting System, as this module increases max locked targets by 2.

Even though an Auto Targeting System II gives a +3 bonus to max locked targets, you can never lock more than the max 12 targets determined by your skills.

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Tnx :)

Added Combat Recons as mentioned by Bitter Newb


Triage carriers have 6+4=10 max targets. Add an ATS to that and you would get 12, yes.

bo red

That was an excellently composed and written answer. +1

ecaf ersa

Agreed – very good answer +1


One more thing: Triage carriers.

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fen shui [ Editor ]

Browsering through my EveHQ Fitting I only found that the Marauders can lock 10 targets, which is also the max. # of locks I've found.

So if I'm not totaly blind I would say that 10 targets is as high as it goes at the moment.

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