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Why can't my ship warp all the way to a stargate?

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Is it possible to make my ship warp further in one go?

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caneb [ Editor ]

If you're running on autopilot, it will always warp to gates 15km away and impulse the rest of the way.

If you're falling out of warp in mid space, your ship didn't have enough capacitor to reach the destination when you started warping. The amount of capacitor needed is based on your ship's size (mass), the distance, and your Warp Drive Operation skill.

Training Warp Drive Operation to at least level 3 is recommended.

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megathordin [ Moderator ]

Reason for not being able to warp all the way to the stargate (or other locations) are due to the capacitor capacity on your ship. On some smaller ships, the capacitor is not so big, and therefore the ship needs to make several stops before it can get to your final destination.


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rook ares [ Moderator ]

The capacitor on your ship could be too small to power the warp bubble a sufficient distance. Also if you're on auto pilot it won't warp directly to the gate but rather warps a ways out and then moves toward the gate.

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serpentine logic [ Editor ]

To avoid this, train up the Warp Drive Operation skill, and/or fit Warp Core Optimizer rigs to your ship.

NN comments

Cap batteries might work too. There’s also some skill increasing capacitor capacity but I don’t remember the name now. Probably Energy Management.

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