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Why do I randomly get target locked while traveling through high sec?

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Are these people going to attack me?

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These people are normally suicide gankers who are hitting you with a Ship Scanner or Cargo Scanner. Doing this does not cause aggression but, if you are a juicy enough target, you may find yourself being locked and ganked.

NN comments

Suicide ganker scouts normally use passive targeters that give you no warning.

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Beware people with snowballs.

they are old and rarely used but can get you into ALOT of trouble.

Basicly as an xmas presant in years gone by, CCP release snowball launchers and snowballs so we could have snowball fights. These do NOT aggress. You will see them change from locked yellow to firing red. But they are not flagged as criminals for doing so, will not be concorded and will get you killed if you fire back.

First rule of eve ESPECIALLY for carebears. If it dosnt FLASH RED in overview, dont shoot it, no matter what.

When i say this i mean the highlight on their name FLASHING red. This is also something to consider if you like to tinker with your overview settings. One falsh move in the settings tab and youll be sat in your pod before you know it.

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matt_12 [ Editor ]

Depends what you mean do you mean you are locking them, or that they are locking you?

If you mean they are targeting you, this is as above, they are baiting you or scanning you to get agression or see what your carrying to see if you are worth ganking later, neither prospect is a nice thought, and if you are carrying something valueable I would dock for a while or at least change my route/be more wary of local. Many times a frigate may scan you in one system and then you are attacked 3 systems or so later when they decide to intercept and you start to forget about it

If you are targeting them automatically, this is due to them targeting you first and your ship auto targeting them back.

If you are part of an alliance or corp and run in fleets this is generally a bad thing, as they may be trying to rep you or web shot you, I've had a bad day before in a Rapier when a megathron I was webbing out of danger attacked me and his heavy drones opened up on me because technically I agressed him, and he had locked me and reflexed to the fire button. And should you wish not to do this, and not incure the wrath of your friends who are helping you, it can be turned off in options, in general settings, and change auto target from what ever value it is (think it's either 1 or 3 by default) to 0. Also if you join a fleet with players that are logistics/support, always make sure your drones are set to passive at this point.

On the other hand sometimes it's nice to know, more prominently that your being targeted (besides the flashing on overview brackets) if this is the case continue as is, but as the others have pointed out, careful you don't get yourself concorded... if they haven't agressed you don't fire back.

Incidentally I have seen an increasing number of pirates fitting the passive targeting module which gives you the opposite problem, first thing you know about being targetted is when you get Alpha striked for some huge number or hit points by some arty toting battleship while aligning to the out gate... if you suddenly start loosing shield/armour or can't warp and can't work out why you are under attack even though you will only just see a targetting box appear, this is more prolific in low sec than hi-sec, but it is happening so watch out!!!!

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