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Why doesn't Eve allow UI modding?

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Why doesn't CCP allow UI modding like Blizzard? The UI has lots Of room for improvement. Eve seems to have a very technical Player-base as well that would be up to the challenge.

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king of veld [ Editor ]

CCP would have to do a major rewrite of the UI to make it moddable like Blizzard's. It would be a major development effort, it would almost certainly introduce bugs and exploit paths that CCP would then need to fix over the course of several months, and CCP's developers are already rather stretched, working on new features (such as Incarna) and trying to fix the bugs that most of the player base is complaining about (such as lag).

If you want CCP to focus on creating a modern, moddable UI for the next expansion(s), you should probably start by convincing the CSM - they are your elected representatives and are supposed to have some influence on the direction of Eve development.

NN comments

Has this been on the agenda? They did a huge graphics engine update a couple years ago, but no UI update.

esen tekuder

Yeah, security and time/effort are probably the main reasons we’ve not got a moddable UI, but immersion and style are also an issue.

CCP has a very specific art style in mind for EVE, and I imagine they’re afraid of seeing players create the same sort of ungodly neon disasters that most WoW UIs are.


Wish they would concentrate on adding useful features like this rather than spending time on crap like Incarna that has no bearing on actual gameplay.

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