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Why rat in empire faction anomalies? (Why kill Gallente, Amarr, etc. NPCs?)

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I wanted to post this in corp chat, but thought it would be a good question to put up here.

Is there any reason to go ratting in Gallente anomalies? Do you gain standing with Serpentis or something? Do Serpentis give you loot after a while? Why would you want to lower your standing with an empire faction?

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mark lt [ Editor ]

In 0.0 there is space called NPC space. Its is non conquerable space that is owned by certain NPC factions ie; Angels,Serpentis,Gurista. They have npc stations in some systems that have actual agents for these pirate factions. If your standing is good enough with them you can do missions for them and get some very valuable items from there LP stores. So I guess doing those anoms is a good way to gain enough standing with said pirate faction to actually be able to grab missions from their agents.

Good luck tho because most NPC space is occupied by player corps/alliances that don't take kindly to people missioning in thar space ya know ;)

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alec grahm [ Editor ]

By anomalies I assume that you mean "cosmic anomaly that can be found with the onboard ship scanner." And empire space you mean high sec empire space.

Ratting in these anomalies may give you:

  • Faction spawns
  • Faction loot
  • Expeditions / escalation

Faction spawns can sometimes give you special items or bigger bounties. Salvage from faction spawns may give T2 salvage.

Even without a faction spawn, you can get faction loot. Most common will be faction ammo (for example, 1000 rounds of shadow serpentis antimatter charges), but other types of faction loot are possible.

Sometimes, when an anomaly is cleared, you will get a message about an escalation that will send you off to another system that has another plex to run. These are very uncommon to find. Following the sequence may lead to very large rewards.

Clearing an anomaly such as a 'serpentis outpost' will lower your standing slightly with the serpentis faction (aggression and ship kill). It will improve your security standing. It will not help or hurt your empire faction standings.

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mark lt

I didn’t know empire anoms spawned faction ships. Thought it was just lowsec/0.0 that did

alec grahm

It is possible to get a faction spawn in a high sec belt. The chance of a given type of spawn is a probability. It is not likely to get a faction spawn, but it is possible. It is more likely to find a faction spawn in an anomaly rather than a belt.

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ixtelle [ Editor ]

It is actually possible to work for agents of pirate factions like you would for, say, Caldari Navy. They have their own LP stores and will reward you with faction gear like any empire faction, so instead of a Caldari Navy Hookbill, you might get a Worm.

ETA: Also, if you happen to be in an RP corp, I suppose it could be done to bump up your 'cred' with them.

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