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Why would you want to destroy someone's pod?

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What would I gain from that?

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yuripup [ Editor ]

There are a lot of reason to pod someone:

1) To be mean/grief.
2) To get the corpse (some people collect them).
3) To collect the bounty (for which you need the corpse).
4) To inflict greater loss on the pilot. A set of high level implants can be more expensive than the ship that is destroyed (even without insurance).
5) To banish them from local space--particularly in worm hole space where the pilot then needs to find a way back into WH space.
6) To more quickly loose security standing.

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mark lt [ Editor ]

Apart from what Kuraid said about not being in local and such IMO there is a greater and more sinister reason people kill pods. When you kill someones pod you are actually killing that person, and it can feel damn good sometimes >:). If the person is not in a pvp clone(minimum implants) then you can cost him a lot of isk if he has some of the more expensive implants plugged in. Also, and the best reason for me, if the person doesn't have an upgraded clone you are taking away the only thing in EVE that can not ever be gotten back.....TIME. Time is the one thing in EVE that cannot be replaced and podding somebody that is not in an upgraded clone can cost them up to a few days of time in training.

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Also, if you are a ransoming-inclined pirate you need something to actually back up your demands with. So if I say "50 million in the next 10 seconds or your pod", if you don't transfer the ISK and I am to be taken seriously next time you try to mission in my system, I have no choice but to pop the pod. I've actually been popped by other pirates and had my pod "ransomed"... which I of course tell them to stick up their bums, only to discover they won't actually pop the pod because they don't want to lose standing. Had a good laugh at that one.

Of course, I do it for the lulz.

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There are times, however, where you may not want to pod them. If they are, f.ex., in a pocket of enemy space in 0.0 and they would have to travel 30++ jumps to get home to re-ship. It's almost more cruel sometimes to make them make the journey home.

Mostly I like the squishy effect, but if you are not concerned about them being in local and want to piss them off...

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